How to keep them happy: 5 tips for more smiles

It's hard to connect with others these days with technology and the news commanding all our attention. Young people utilize technology in different ways that can seem confusing but engaging with young people is the best way to learn what is going on in their lives. Try these 5 tips to engage deeply with young adults and encourage them to enhance their lives.

Tip 1: Talk to Them

Listening to young adults is the best way to learn what is going on in their lives and how you can help. They will tell you the issues they are dealing with. Asking what's going on and listening without providing advice or attempting to relate can often help a young person vent without feeling judged. Being able to talk can help bring a smile to a young adult.

Tip 2: Get Outdoors

See our other blog post about 11 Activities to do Outdoors for ideas on taking young adults outdoors to get more smiles. Being outside in nature provides a boost to our immune systems and helps with mental health.

Tip 3: Go on a Trip

Go outdoors, go on an adventure, go on a trip. A road trip, even a short one, can provide some great memories and enhance the lives of young adults. Plan a fun trip to the beach or a national park and enjoy the smiles for miles!

Tip 4: Bake it

Take a cooking or baking class and learn to make something new. Learning a new skill can make young adults feel accomplished while providing them with vital life skills. Cooking and baking makes a lot of smiles, especially as you eat your creations!

Tip 5: Take a Class

Like I stated above, learning something new will literally grow more neurons in our brains which can affect our moods, immune systems and future learning abilities. Learn new things by taking classes for improv, ceramics, dance, music, etc. Learning new things will make them smile!

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