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The Children’s Defense Fund  reports  that out of over 17,000 children enrolled in Arizona’s statewide foster care system one in five will become homeless after age 18, and less than 3% will earn a college degree.

Advocates for Youth Empowerment (AYE) is a grassroots, non-profit youth services advocacy agency that assists at-risk young adults, who are residing in the states of California and Arizona, with access to community mentors and programs that will ensure a successful transition into mature adulthood and beyond.  We partner with state agencies and the young adult court system in our goal to advocate for access to life skills and resources, as well as avenues for higher education to ensure our youth have all the available opportunities to live successful, fully engaged lives.

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At Advocates for Youth Empowerment, we care about our youth and strive to provide them with all the resources they need in order to become successful leaders in their home communities. We are committed to empowering today’s youth to be the leaders of tomorrow – and couldn’t have gotten this far without your generous contributions. Donate today, and make the biggest impact on our future.




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