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7 ways to strengthen youth leadership skills

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Taking your leadership skills to the next level requires some investment, insight and patience. We’ve consulted with great local leaders in non-profit on how they sharpen their leadership skills to help mentor young adults.


  1. Take Public Speaking

Learn how to effectively present and do public speaking to a group is a great way to be an efficient leader. Toastmasters and other local public speaking groups can provide a great learning environment to strengthen your public speaking skills.


  1. Learn How to Utilize Social Media More

A great way to lead and spread information to young adults is through social media. Taking classes and learning how to effectively use social media and create great, meaningful content can be a great way to enhance your leadership skills and communicate effectively.


  1. Improv

Take an improv class at your local theater and learn how to be relaxed on stage and listen. Improv is a great way to learn to really listen while on stage and can help you be a smarter leader. Combine Improv with your public speaking skills and you can be an effective and communicative leader on stage.


  1. Learn from Others

Taking classes on how to deal with issues affecting young adults today is a great way to stay current on not only the issues but the ways in which young adults are navigating a difficult world. Check out your local LGBTQ centers as well as other groups for workshops on community issues and actions.


  1. Teach Survival Skills

Taking young adults outdoors and teaching them survival skills like fire starting, shelter building, hunting and fishing as well as navigational skills can help you appear more competent and knowledgeable as a leader and can ensure a trusting relationship with your group.


  1. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to deal with negative emotions, anxiety, depression, and anger. A great leader can approach problems and conflict with a clear mind and can problem-solve under duress. Meditation helps us sharpen and develop our mental skill when it comes to patience and emotions. A daily meditation practice will enhance your life and leadership skills.


  1. Exercise

Working out and being in nature will enhance your mental clarity and health and provide you with the energy and healthy immune system to help tackle and lead our young adults into a successful adulthood. You’ll feel and lead better if you are healthy. It will also be a great way to inspire young people to lead healthy lives.


Always continue to learn and sharpen your leadership skills to lead the way for our future. Our youth deserve great leaders and we deserve to be happy and healthy leaders along the way.

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