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Advocates for Youth Empowerment is a grassroots non-profit advocacy youth service organization that provides at-risk young adults with the resources to empower their lives and encourage success.




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Help us mentor and empower at-risk young adults to a successful future


Building a Better Future

Our Volunteers not only help our organization thrive but also give our young adults the chance to meet new and exciting faces from all walks of life.

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Making a difference

 Fundraising opportunities include, but are not limited to, school events, business events, social outing, personal/group campaigns, community events or any creative idea you think will be successful. We are here to support you every step of the way.  

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Shaping tomorrow

We strive to provide at-risk young adults with access to the networks, community leaders and career opportunities they deserve. AYE’s Mentor Programs enrich young adult lives and provide avenues for advancement.

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working together

We work across non-profit networks to provide the best absolute care. We want to offer any and all resources available to our youth and we can do through our special non-profit networks. 

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News and Updates

Check out our upcoming events, news and blog:

Join Our Annual Fundraiser

 If you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, vendor, or provide a donation please contact us at  We can provide your organization with all the support you need to assist in changing our connected future through fundraising for AYE. 

Meet Our New Mentors

We are very excited to announce our new Leadership Coach and Mentor Chris Hamilton to Advocates for Youth Empowerment! He’s an outspoken advocate for young people to survive and thrive through any obstacles in their lives. Based in Los Angeles, Chris has traveled the world speaking about his life and how he has gained strength to overcome the adversity in his life.

7 Ways to Lead

Taking your leadership skills to the next level requires some investment, insight and patience. We’ve consulted with great local leaders in non-profit on how they sharpen their leadership skills to help mentor young adults and they’ve shared some great advice with us. Check out our blog post on 7 ways to strengthen youth leadership skills to learn more!

Five tips for more smiles

It’s hard to connect with others these days with technology and the news commanding our attention. Young people utilize technology in different ways that can seem confusing but engaging with young people is the best way to learn what is going on in their lives. Try these 5 tips to engage deeply with young adults and encourage them to enhance their lives… more


11 outdoor activities to do with young adults

In order to engage with young adults just entering the workforce we’ve partnered with experienced therapists, social workers, artists and avid adventurers to explore some outdoor activities that will challenge young adults to engage, observe and create…. read more 

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